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South Wind Type 781-B

Prices include everything you need to have heat in your classic car (except gasoline):

                   •  Fuel line kit for the carburetor

                   •  Vacuum kit

                   •  Copper exhaust line tubing

                   •  Cloth covered hook-up wire

                   •  Installation template

                   •  Copy of the shop / installation manual

To purchase products, please contact me at:

or call:  416-537-1177.

If you already have a South Wind heater in your car, and you don’t need the installation parts, I can sell you a heater on an exchange basis.   Contact me for a specific quote.

Also available are reprints of the shop/installation manual.

Sorry, I do not deal with South Wind heaters for aircraft or those originally manufactured for VW Beetles.

South Wind Type 703
South Wind Type 780
South Wind Type 781-A
South Wind Type 781-B with defroster

Model 781-B     

$200.00 US

Model 703     

$200.00 US

Model 780

$200.00 US

Model 781-A     

$225.00 US

Model 781-B     

$250.00 US