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I’ve been involved with classic cars for over 40 years, having owned and restored over a dozen cars.

A surprise encounter with a South Wind heater in a Massachusetts antique shop led me to purchasing and installing it my 1954 Citroen Traction Avant.  It has extended my driving season until the snow flies because the car now has a good reliable heater!  

A later purchase of a truckload of South Wind heaters and parts led me to offer rebuilt heaters to anyone who wants to extend their driving season or just stay warm on cold days. 

                                    - Larry A. Lewis


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South Wind heaters were originally created by the Stewart-Warner company for American cars from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, when factory heaters didn’t exist or didn’t work very well.

Over three million were sold.   They can be installed by any competent mechanic in any front-engine six volt car (and will work with twelve volts if you use a converter).

Stewart-Warner ceased production of these heaters in the 1950s, but continue to manufacture South Wind heaters for aircraft and military vehicles. 

Most South Wind heaters that you see at flea markets or on ebay are beat up and missing the parts needed to make them work.  The heaters that I sell are rebuilt using N.O.S. parts and are refinished using colours as close to original as possible.

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